Draken aircraft

Mikoyan MIG-21BIS

Draken International's MiG-21bis and UM aircraft bring several important elements to our fleet of tactical aircraft. This includes quantity of jets for large force exercises, as well as supersonic flight and targeting capabilities facilitated by our “Jaybird" radar. These high-speed, radar equipped aircraft enable Draken International to present accurate and realistic profiles for adversary support. Not only are the aircraft ideal for airborne engagements, they are highly effective in cruise missile threat simulation for both the Navy and Army. The Draken Mig-21bis is the last aircraft produced in the series and are extremely supportable. Considering the aircraft type is still in service among militaries around the globe, there is no shortage of spare parts and support. This ensures the ongoing supportability and safety of our low-time fleet of Mikoyan Mig-21 fighters.

The Draken fleet of twenty-five Mig-21s brings a sustainable and needed supersonic capability to many mission sets including fleet defense, adversary support and other forms of threat replication. Tactically relevant engagements are achieved when combing large quantities of our Mig-21bis aircraft with Draken's highly capable, radar equipped fleet of tactical fighter jets. 

Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to equip our Mig-21s with the latest in EW/EA pods as well as future radar and avionics enhancements. 

Aircraft Details
  • Fleet size:

    27 - Single and Dual Seats (BIS/MF/UM Models)

  • Technology:


  • Mission Set:

    Air-to-Air, Chase, R&D, Threat Simulation, Ship Services

  • Specialty:


  • Speed:

    Mach 2.0

  • Endurance:

    1.2 Hours

  • Safety:

    Current KM1 Ejection Seats

  • Overhauled: