Draken aircraft

Atlas Cheetah

The 4th Generation, supersonic, radar equipped Atlas Cheetah is the newest platform added to the Draken fleet.   The twelve Cheetas were purchased directly from the South African Air Force in 2017.   This supersonic Mirage variant is currently equipped with a fire control radar, radar warning receiver. 

Viewed as a major achievement for the South African Defense Industry, Denel Aeronautics, the aircraft design authority, is committed to the support of Draken's nine Cheetah C models (single-seat) and three D models (two-seaters).

Aircraft Details
  • Fleet size:

    12 - Single and Dual Seats

  • Technology:

    Supersonic, Modern 2032 Fire Control Radar, RWR, HUD, HOTAS, 1553 Data Bus, VHF, UHF, Color MFD, Flight Debrief System

  • Mission Set:

    Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Tanking/Refueling, Chase, R&D, Threat Simulation

  • Specialty:

    All Mission Sets/Highly Capable Aircraft

  • Speed:

    Mach 2.2

  • Endurance:

    2.3 Hours

  • Safety:

    Single seat: Martin Baker Mk6, Dual Seat: Mk10

  • Overhauled: