Draken aircraft

Aero L-39 Albatross

Draken International's L-39 aircraft are the perfect solution for cost effective, sub sonic missions. The maneuverability, low fuel burn rate, and outstanding visibility make these aircraft suited for a variety of Air-to Air and Air-to-Ground missions. All Draken L-39s are dual seat allowing complex missions to be done at day or night with a second pilot or engineer in the rear seat working test, R&D, or photo chase. These aircraft would be a perfect force multiplier in combination with our Douglas A-4Ks for strike replication during LFEs. Our aircraft are equipped with outstanding navigation and avionics capabilities. As a relatively modern jet trainer, the L-39 is extremely supportable. All of our L-39 aircraft feature in-date ejection seat cartridges, recently overhauled engines in addition to our vast inventory of spare parts and support equipment.

As a cost effective force multiplier or on stand-alone missions, the Aero L-39 is an integral part of the Draken fleet. Painted in a very distinct Arctic scheme, they are the perfect addition for training students to fight dissimilar aircraft. They can be modified from carrying EW pods to employing ordnance in support of the demanding missions of CAS and JTAC training. These aircraft are maintained to a military standard and provides a safe, effective, economical and reliable asset.

Aircraft Details
  • Fleet size:

    5 - All Dual Seat Models

  • Technology:


  • Mission Set:

    Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Chase, R&D, Threat Simulation

  • Specialty:

    Sub-Sonic and Economical Mission Sets

  • Speed:

    Mach 0.77

  • Endurance:

    1.5 Hours

  • Safety:

    Current VK-1 Ejection Seats

  • Overhauled: