Draken International Signs Letter Of Intent To Perform L-39NG Upgrade On Up To Six Aircraft

LAKELAND, FL (June 16, 2015) – Black Diamond Jet Team, a division of Draken International, has signed a Letter of Intent to upgrade up to six L-39 aircraft to the Aero Vodochody Next Generation (NG) platform. Based in Lakeland, FL, Draken International is a leading provider of tactical flight support as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

Draken International CEO Jared Isaacman states, "Draken International has a long-standing relationship with Aero Vodochody and we are pleased to extend this partnership with this upgrade order as well as our distinction of being the first export customer of the Aero L-159E Advanced Light Combat Aircraft (ALCA)."

Draken International recently entered into a partnership with Aero Vodochody to serve as the official provider of the L-39NG upgrade program in the Americas. The L-39NG upgrade adds many modern and advanced capabilities that are critical for 21st century aviation. The key new feature is the light and fuel-efficient Williams International FJ44-4M engine, which delivers improved performance at speed, range and endurance. Further, a new electric starter allows the original APU to be removed with all its components, saving considerable weight. In the cockpit, new digital instruments are added as well as OEM overhauled ejection seats. Additionally, a full IRAN of all major systems brings the aircraft up to current OEM compliance.

In addition to the company's MRO capabilities, Draken is a leader in the emerging commercial air services industry, which is designed to complement military fighter aircraft and enhance training capabilities with a cost-effective solution. This type of service is especially critical given the current environment of rapidly shrinking military budgets.

As the global defense and military climate changes, the need has never been greater for cost-effective and professional contract air support.

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